Our Beliefs


SCPC is a community of faith based on Jesus Christ and His Word. As a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, we are committed to teaching and living out the grace of God in the context of Reformed doctrines. We accomplish this through a ‘Gospel Worldview’ and learning environments that encourage us to live a life of faith with joy.


God’s grace is the foundation for every program, ministry, and activity at SCPC. SCPC seeks to meet people where they live with the authentic and relevant gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal is for people to experience God’s grace through our ministry, which will bring about life change marked by repentance, forgiveness, love, and joy. We do not live and serve out of a sense of duty, but as a response to grace (Romans 5 & 6).


The gospel of Jesus Christ is certainly one of servant leadership (Matt 24:45). We seek to serve in our church, to our NW Houston community, and to the ends of the earth. The gospel of Christ is faithfully seen when His people are proclaiming His truth and sharing His heart for our broken world. We seek to minister to human need for the purpose of making disciples of Christ.


We value each person and the call to ‘love our neighbors’ and to be hospitable and gracious. We seek to incorporate the functions of Acts 2:42-47 whenever we gather. We also seek to be friendly and celebratory in our gatherings; because Christ has accomplished so much for us, we have every reason to rejoice and be filled with gratitude.


SCPC seeks to equip, disciple, and lead with an emphasis in the Grace of God. The goal is a mature, loving, forgiving, penitent disciple of Jesus who applies the gospel to all areas of life. The Gospel is not just for salvation but for sanctification.

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