October 7, 2016

This year as a church we had a Sunday School Class on Evangelism and we have conducted monthly evangelism outreach on the third Sundays after church.  We have met with many people who are unsure of their salvation, to Muslims, to atheists, and people who are in great need of the gospel and to be ministered.  It has been a reminder to us that many people are in need of the church and they will not enter the church, so the church must go to them outside the walls of the church. It is my pleasure to share the many things that I am learning in an effort to grow you in your faith.  Attached is an article that addresses the matter of evangelism.  I hope you find it to be an encouragement to be bold in sharing your faith with others, and to consider joining us later this month on the 16th when we go out to Myer Park again after church.  Click Here for Article.