Search Committee Progress

The session will continue to take nominees for this committee until August 13. We intend to present this slate of names to the congregation in the bulletin two weeks prior to a congregational meeting on September 3. The purpose of this meeting will be to vote on the membership of this committee and to give the congregation an idea of the process the committee will use. The makeup of the committee will be at least three women preferably four and five men. The chair of the committee will be a current session member selected by the session and one of these members will be a current deacon selected by the deaconate.

The session has prepared an expectation list for the committee members and a session member will be contacting the nominees in the next week or two to assess their availability for this committee. Please see any session member if you have questions regarding this process.

Discover Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church

When: Wed. evenings, 7-9 pm, Aug. 9, 16, 23

Where: B119-121


This class is for those who are interested in becoming a member, would like a refresher class, or just want to learn more about SCPC. We will cover our beliefs, connection to other churches, mission, values, ministries and how you can become involved! Please let Robin know if you want to participate or need childcare.

Pew Bibles

In a few weeks you will see new bibles in our pews! If you would like to help defray the cost, please indicate “pew bibles” on your check, offering envelope or online contribution. The cost of one case of 24 bibles is approximately $130. We are ordering twelve cases.

Elizabeth Basham Baby Shower and Luncheon

When: TODAY, July 30th after worship

Where: Fellowship Hall

Please join us for a baby shower and luncheon honoring Elizabeth Basham. She is expecting a girl and is registered at Target and BabiesRUs.

Prayer Walk

When: Saturday, August 5th at 8:00am

Where: Meet in the narthex

Join us as we pray for our church, community and the world.

Praise Team Monthly Rehearsal

When: August 6th at noon

All Praise Team members, please join us for our rehearsal. We will practice music and plan our schedule for August.

Home Groups

These groups are made up of people with a common desire and commitment to share their lives with each other and walk with the Lord in community. Home Groups use Acts 2:42 (fellowship, study and prayer) as their model for gathering together and growing in faith. Register at or email