Picnic at the Park for Moms & Children

Friday, September 21, 10:30-11:30 am

Tomball Splash Pad in Old Town Tomball

Contact Elizabeth, eborst7@gmail.com

Student Ministry Family Feud Family Night

Saturday, September 22, 7:00-10:00 pm

Student Ministry Building

Contact Michael, michael@springcypresschurch.comMusic Ministry Notes: Organ Fund

Hopefully you have all noticed the pre-service slide or the update on the organ fund in the bulletin. However, for any who aren’t sure what that’s about, I’d like to explain what we’re raising money for.

Our current organ (made by Rodgers in the late 1970s) was a good instrument for its time, but at its core is a piece of technology. Recording and reproduction technology have become significantly better in the last 40 years and our current instrument is showing signs of age and beginning to fail. There was even a time recently when the instrument froze during a service, and Janice was barely able to get it reset in time for the next hymn! At some point it will quit on us, and we want to have a new instrument of worship in place before it affects our worship service.

Now a new organ is a significant expense, but there’s a lot of unique technology that goes into this instrument. A pipe organ can have 80 stops (made up of over 60 pipes each) that make a unique sound, meaning that pipe organs can easily have 10,000-20,000 pipes! For an electronic instrument to replicate this sound, the Rodgers Organ Company set up a series of 8 microphones (from right next to the pipe to all around the farthest corners of the sanctuary) to record every single pipe by itself. They did this for not just one instrument, but instruments from several different manufacturers and countries, allowing for a very broad range of sounds. This is in stark contrast with the technology of our current instrument, where they only had the ability to record a single pipe for each group of similar stops, and digitally manipulate the sound. So our organ used the recorded sound of about 10 different pipes, where the new instruments use closer to 200,000 different pipes. When some of us went to hear the newer organs, we were blown away by the richness and power of the sound. One person even said “I just instantly felt drawn into a place of worship.” I truly believe that the new instrument will contribute in a significant way to our weekly worship service.

All that being said, I think it’s important to note that this is simply an instrument of worship, and will not serve to redefine or change our current goals of worship. There would not be a change in worship styles, this is simply an instrument that will better support congregational singing and worship throughout the service. If you’d like to know

The Pastoral Search Committee, after much consultation and deliberation, is excited to recommend a Pastoral Candidate to this congregation! Although the candidate’s name is not yet public (for the sake of his congregation), the Search Committee believes that he (in the words of the Book of Church Order) "fulfills the Constitutional requirements of that office and is most suited to be profitable to the spiritual interests of the congregation."

The candidate will be visiting with our church family the last week of September, and preaching on Sunday, September 30th. Please keep an eye out for events during that time where you will have the opportunity to meet the candidate and his family.

Also pursuant to the Book of Church Order, our Session is calling a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, October 7th at 6pm to vote on the candidate. This meeting will be immediately followed by a Praise & Worship night in the Gallery. Childcare will be provided upon request.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and clarity as we all seek the man God has chosen to lead our flock here at Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church!