Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church is a 40 year old gospel driven community that celebrates God’s glory and grace.  Located in a growing area of the Houston metroplex near the newly completed Exxon HQ building.  The church is positioned for growth with a beautifully remodeled sanctuary, a blended worship service, a wonderful staff, a grace driven ministry model, and a caring congregation.

POSITION TITLE:                 Assistant Pastor

MINISTRY AREA:                 Pastoral

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP:       Senior Pastor and Session

The Position requires attendance at all Session meetings, and the pastor reports to the Session.  The pastor will be required to attend congregational meetings, worship services, staff meetings, and all called and stated meetings of the various ministries as needed or requested by the ministries of the church.

Personal Requirements:

An ordained PCA minister (Teaching Elder) who has received a call from Spring Cypress Church, and who exhibits a pastoral concern for the congregation. The pastor must support the vision, mission, and values of the church.  The pastor must possess the trust of the congregation and the session to minister the gospel.  The pastor must winsomely communicate the grace and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and must be a man who possesses the character of a godly and loving disciple.  He should have a caring and supportive family and wife.


A.  Adult Christian Education

Coordinates and sponsors the ACE Team for the purposes of planning, leading, developing, equipping and training of adults through classes, seminars, retreats, fellowship events, conferences, and groups.  Duties include the development of curriculum, the training of teachers, the assimilation of church members into the body life.  The design and facility requirements and procurement of educational space is also expected so that the church facility offers the finest learning environments.  The pastor will also be responsible for the collection of attendance and participation data and its analysis for the purpose of growing the church’s participation in the educational ministry.  The pastor leading the Adult Education team is responsible for setting the ACE annual budget and ministry goals.

B.  Home Group Ministry

The coordination, recruitment and sponsorship the Home Group Team for the purpose of developing curricula, and leadership training.  The enrollment of people into groups, the communication, and promotional material to encourage participation.  Responsible for the communication, promotion, and ministry goals.  The pastor along with the team is responsible for setting the annual budget.

C.  Men’s & Women’s Ministry

The Coordination, recruitment and sponsorship of the ministry teams for men and women.  The developing of leadership, curricula, and ministry retreats and activities for the purpose of gospel ministry along the lines of the two genders.  Responsible for the communication, promotion, and ministry goals of the ministry.  The pastor along with the team is responsible for setting the annual budget.

E.  General Pastoral Duties

The pastor will be expected to perform the regular and on-going general duties of a pastor when requested and called upon by the Sr. Pastor, Session, or as the needs of the congregation require.  Duties include but are not limited to:  Worship Leading, Counseling, Visitations, Weddings, Funerals, Preaching, Teaching, Presbytery Meetings, and any other ministry duty as determined by the Session or Senior Pastor.

F.  Staff Relationship

The position is provided with an office and all necessary equipment to perform the role of Assistant Pastor.  The position requires a harmonious work relationship with the other members of staff.  There is no direct assigned administrative assistant but the administrator will assist the pastor as the administrator is able.

G.  Evaluation

The Position is subject to an annual review and salary adjustments which will be performed by the Personnel Committee at years end.

For Consideration of Position, please submit the following:

1.        Resume

2.        Cover Letter

3.        PCA Ministerial Data Form (MDF), if currently PCA clergy

Applications accepted by:  (Please do not call to inquire)

EMAIL:           dave@springcypresschurch.com

Attention:  Sr. Pastor

MAIL:             Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church

6000 Spring Cypress Road

Spring, TX  77379

WEBSITE:  www.springcypresschurch.comĀ  or find us on Facebook