Adult Sunday School

Hebrews: Race to Glory

“What’s the use?” At times of frustration or disappointment, it is tempting to ask this question. You work and work to grow to Christian maturity, but you seem to get nowhere–repeating your mistakes, neglecting your commitments, losing your motivation. The original readers of Hebrews felt the same way! Yet the writer of this New Testament letter cheers for them to stay on track and never quit, so they can reach the finish line by the power of Jesus Christ. In this class we offer you and all of today’s faith-weary Christians the encouragement needed to stay in the faith-race.

Teachers: Ian Achterkirck, Mitch Welborn

Location: The Forum

The Golfer’s Gospel

This is a 9 week adult class combining golf instruction with spiritual lessons drawn from the scriptures and the sport. This will be an interactive class combining teaching videos, demonstrations, and discussion.The Class is ideal for golfers, those who want to understand golf, and anyone who wants to look at spiritual lessons in a different way. Each class takes an aspect of golf and then reveals how the truth and grace of the gospel can be seen in life.Breakfast will be provided prior to each 45 minute class. A drawing for prizes, round of golf, will be awarded at each class.

Teachers: Michael Pendley

Location:B119 & B121