Adult Sunday School

Hebrews: Race to Glory

“What’s the use?” At times of frustration or disappointment, it is tempting to ask this question. You work and work to grow to Christian maturity, but you seem to get nowhere–repeating your mistakes, neglecting your commitments, losing your motivation. The original readers of Hebrews felt the same way! Yet the writer of this New Testament letter cheers for them to stay on track and never quit, so they can reach the finish line by the power of Jesus Christ. In this class we offer you and all of today’s faith-weary Christians the encouragement needed to stay in the faith-race.

Teacher: Ian Achterkirch

Location: The Forum

Core Christianity

For many people, words like doctrine and theology cause their eyes to glaze over, or they find them difficult to understand and struggle to see how they are relevant to daily life. But theology is far from boring; it is the study of God and should lead to awe and wonder as we better understand who God is and what he has done for us.

InĀ Core Christianity, we examine the essential and basic beliefs that all Christians share. What is core to the Christian faith? In addition to unpacking these beliefs in a way that is easy to understand, we will learn why they matter to our lives today.

Teacher: Rick Maddy

Location: B119 & B121